According to the newest reports from people directly related with creation and development of iOS and macOS systems, Apple has in plans merging Find my iPhone and My Friends functions into one software. The gigant from Cupertino wants to create a device, which he does not have in his offer yet – an inteligent locator, which will help us with locating our lost device just with this new app.


Application GreenTorch in iOS 13?


According to editors of 9to5Mac, who got the information directly from Apple software developers, new application has a work name GreenTorch and it is supposed to replace both Find my iPhone and My friends applications. Up to this moment the App is still in test phase.

GreenTorch is supposed to be available on iOS as well as on MacOS systems, because Apple wants to develop a software that will work the same on all of their operating systems.

On top of that application will give the possibility of sharing your location to other users of Apple devices who do not belong to the family.

Also, there will be a possibility to locate your lost device by using any of the Apple devices, even from the „Foreign” level of device as long as our device is in lost mode.

Other users device will not receive an information about location of our device, for example our iPhone which we have lost, his device will only be used to send owner’s location.


New Accessory – Locator from Apple


From leaks we also get to know, that Americans are working on new device, which could help in locating lost items.

The device is supposed to be in key ring shape, which we could attach to wallet or keys. Thanks to GreenTorch application we would be able to locate our lost items – there are similar devices on market such as locators Tile.

Premier of the device still remains unknown however, editors from 9to5Mac say that locator should have its debut in September, along with new generation of iPhones.