In the times when the devices are almost inaccessible and we cannot turn them off by taking off the battery, what can we do when our iPhone doesn’t want to cooperate? We know few methods to deal with this situation.


     „Killing” the apps running in the background

iPhone has wonderfully developed system to put the apps to sleep, however sometimes happens that the phone cannot handle them – at least my child can sometimes prove it. 

Solution: Push the HOME button for about 6 seconds and wait until all the apps disappear.


     Soft Reset

Many times the users complain about the slow system and operations on the device despite turning off all the apps. The fail may be caused by the remaining of the operations that “overload” the cache. The best way to release those resources is to conduct the soft reset. It is nothing more that turning off and on the phone and the procedure is very simple.

Solution: In order to turn off the phone or tablet we must push the Sleep/Wake button until we see the slide, then we drag it to turn off. After a complete turning off we must again push the Sleep/Wake button and turn on the device. Now everything should work much faster.

Many of us wonder when it is too late and our apple does not react to any order.


    Hard Reset

If the methods above do not bring any results, the solution to such problem is conducting the so-called reset. We must not overuse this method and leave it for the emergency situations.

Solution: Depending on the device we have, this operation demands pushing maximally two buttons at the same time.

On the iPhone7 or iPhone7 Plus: push the Sleep/Wake button and the button of reducing volume and keep them pushed for at least 10 seconds until you see the Apple logo.

On the iPhone 6s and the earlier models: push the Sleep/Wake buttons and the Beginning and keep them pushed for at least 10 seconds until you see the Apple logo.



The lack of smoothness in action or often freezing of the device is not the end for the phone. It is enough to conduct the actions above in order to increase the efficiency significantly. What is more, we can prevent those situations – at least once a week we should conduct a soft reset.

However, if the device doesn’t react or has problem with turning on, bring it to our service – we will try to help you!