Phones from Apple stable, like most of the smartphones, are not friends with water. Sure – few drips of rain will not damage your device but if it would be dropped into lake, during our holiday, while making a selfie? Well – such accident could be painful for us. Now days, it slowly becomes a standard that devices are water proof or at least not as sensitive to water, unfortunately it is still not a rule. Anyway, not all of us are using newest models. So, what must we do and what steps should we take, when we do not have waterproof iPhone, and it accidentally is dropped into water tank?

Do not panic and act quick!

At first we should mention water damaging is a big issue for inside of our iPhone but thanks to efficient operation we can minimize the damage and still be a happy user of iPhone. What to do when our phone is dropped into the water?

Most importantly – pull it out of the water as soon as possible! Naturally there is dependency, the more time it spends in water, the lower chances of saving it there are. With time, water begins to enter deeper and deeper into insides of our phone, which are not adapted to contact with liquid.

The only thing that we can do just after pulling our smartphone out of the water is to shake it. Thanks to that, we can get rid of at least some water from the inside.

What not to do?

You must remember, to not turn on your phone at any price! Surely, after being dropped into the water our phone automatically have switched off. This is natural as there was a short circuit, and that is good, lets not change that state. Of course there is a big curiosity to check if our phone will turn on but this action will only make it worse.

There is no need to mention that we must not connect the phone to charger at any price? Unfortunately, not many people have such idea and due to this these people are damaging their phones even more. After connecting phone to the charger, water which is inside of it can cause havoc. Burning of an integrated circuit or burning holes in logic board is almost certain.

Do not dry it! Putting an iPhone or a smartphone on sun, putting it on a radiator or treating him with hair dryer could also make it worse. Such activities are speeding up corrosion proces inside and as we all know, rust is not the best friend of any electric equipment.

On many Internet forums there is a thread concerning luquid damaged phones, putting it to rice. Unfortunately this is a myth. Such operation will not benefit us at all, we only will loose precious time. Yes, rice is a good absorbent but is not this good to make any difference and help us.

iphone ryż

Also, you should not underestimate small liquid damage. It may happen that we leave our phone switched off for some time and then with no problem it turns on and perhaps, no damage has been done, but more often corrosion is slowly and quietly damaging insides of our device.

What should we do after water contact?

The safest way is to deliver our iPhone to an unauthorized service where it will be checked thoroughly. Why unauthorized service? Unfortunately, after water contact we can forget about warranty. No manufacturer will valid a warranty after water contact. It is worth to mention that Apple has it’s repair program, you pay certain amount of money, give your old phone and you receive fresh iPhone. (More information could be found in any authorized Apple service).

You can’t count on a bit of luck and hope that technician will not recognize that it was damaged by water. You will waste your time, at least a week or two, also you can’t count that someone will have a great day and will close his eyes on it. During warranty repairs, there are protocols and procedures which have to be followed and nothing can change it. On top of that, inside of each iPhone there are moisture sensors which will tell if the phone have had contact with liquid.

Professional cleaning after liquid damage

If you go to a professional service with your iPhone, ask about the process of cleaning. Every service does it their own way, not always properly. The most important thing is not to damage the logic board as there is no replacement parts for it.

Proper way of cleaning after water damage is to take the logic board out and remove all cover screens from it. Next, the logic board should be cleaned in ultrasonic bathtub with anti-corrosion liquid. This allows to remove all the moisture from every corner and to remove corrosion from circuits. At this point technician will be able to check if the heart of your phone is working properly and if there is anything else damaged.

To fully repair iPhone after contact with water, very often apart from cleaning and drying inside, it is required to replace a battery or lcd panel or both. Service should inform about progres if the repair price changes.

In summary

You need to remember that electronic does not like water or any liquid. Even in case of small liquid damage, the quicker we go to service, the lower chances of damaging our phone there are. Worst case, we will be charged for diagnostic and not for cleaning our device, still sounds better than buying new phone.

How much does it cost to clean phone after water contact?

If you are interested, cost of cleaning iPhone after water damage in our service costs 150 zł. You can use our website to get a free courier which will deliver device to our service!