iPhone X Display Replacement (display + glass)

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Cracked glass combined with horizontal lines across the screen, problems with touch panel are very common issues in iPhone X but we have a solution for all of these problems! We offer display replacement in your iPhone X in just 30 minutes!

Replacing the iPhone X display at iClinica is most of all:
Original parts,
Repair time even in 30 minutes,
The longest warranty on the market – 6 months,
Device tested before and after repair,
Free diagnosis with continued repair.

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When display in iPhone X is being faulty there could be many thing that you could recognize it by. For example horizontal lines across the screen, issues with touch panel (randomly clicking itself) or simplest to see – screen being completely blank.

Replacing the iPhone X display (display + glass) – for whom?

First of all, for people who are struggling with any problem from the list below:

Split display,
The screen does not display anything,
Vertical bars on the display,
Screen blinking,
Touch problems,
Stains / discolorations on the display,
Dark screen,
White screen,
Previously replaced display.

However, none of this is scaring us! Our professionally trained team of technicians is going to resolve this and many more issues in less than an hour! We offer 7 months warranty, fully tested iPhone before and after repair in search for other problems and if that wasn’t enough, we offer free courier who will collect and deliver the phone to us and back to you! Our stationary stores are based in Warsaw, Poznan, Wroclaw, Bydgoszcz and Cracow! Look no further, you have found perfect place to fix your iPhone X.



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