iPhone 8 Plus Display Replacement (display + glass)

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If there is more damage to your screen than just the glass such as problems with touch panel, it will be needed to replace whole front panel. Such repair can be done at any of our stores by our most experienced technicians.

Replacing the iPhone 8 Plus display at iClinica is most of all:
Original parts,
Repair time even in 30 minutes,
The longest warranty on the market – 6 months,
Device tested before and after repair,
Free diagnosis with continued repair.

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While broken glass is mostly a cosmetic problem, damaged display is much bigger issue. We may have a problem with performing simplest tasks on our device. Very often touch panel stops working on half of the screen or even on entire panel!

Replacing the iPhone 8 Plus display (display + glass) – for whom?

First of all, for people who are struggling with any problem from the list below:

Split display,
The screen does not display anything,
Vertical bars on the display,
Screen blinking,
Touch problems,
Stains / discolorations on the display,
Dark screen,
White screen,
Previously replaced display.

We are more than happy to perform the repair for you! Our experienced technicians can do it even within 30 minutes! We use only proven, quality and original components so that experience of using iPhone remains at highest possible level.

Our experts do their best to ensure that the repair is done within 30-40 minutes!We give 7 months warranty for this kind of repair of iPhone 8 Plus.  On top of that, they do test entire phone looking for anything that could ruin or disturb using iPhone. You can count on us in our stationary points: Warsaw, Poznan, Wroclaw, Bydgoszcz and Cracow.


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