iPhone 7 Broken glass replacement

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We have all seen a broken iPhone screen because it is perhaps one of the most common things that go wrong for iPhone users. This is the reason why we have a huge influx of customers coming in with broken iPhone 7 glass replacement nowadays.

iPhone 7 Broken glass replacement
with iClinica is all about it:

Genuine parts,
Repair time lasting in 30-40 minutes,
Six months warranty,
Test runs before and after repair,
Free diagnosis with continued repair.

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A shattered iPhone screen can result due to several reasons. If you are careless while handling your phone, you can break its screen when it falls. Carrying around your iPhone 7 without a case can also cause damage to your phone if it drops.

Breaking your phone’s screen does not only ruin the look of your phone. But sometimes it also compromises on the software functioning of your iPhone.

Picking our services can help you in getting your iPhone’s broken screen repaired without any hassle. This is possible because at iClinica we make use of authentic parts for replacement purposes.

iClinica services also ensures that its clients can enjoy the best customer base. This is why we have a 6-month warranty for repairing your broken iPhone screen. You can come back to us with your iPhone screen issues for the six months following the repair.

At iClinica services, we also make sure that we are time-efficient. Your iPhone screen will be replaced in 30-40 minutes. To make sure that your iPhone 7 screen works fully, we run tests to check your device, both before and after the test.




If you have any queries or questions that have to be addressed, you can contact us on 666-666-317. You can also fill out a contact form to reach out to us.




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