iPhone 6s Plus Battery Replacement


Looking for an optimal solution to get rid of your worn out battery? It is a complete waste of time and money to get your battery repaired over and over again. Replace your battery right away and bring yourself the ease of using your iPhone without the worries of power shortage. Give your iPhone a much better power supply by getting a new battery.

iPhone 6s Plus Battery Replacement at iClinica is all about it:
Original parts,
Repair time even in 30 minutes,,
The longest warranty on the market – 6 months,
Device tested before and after repair,
Free diagnosis with continued repair.

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Every battery requires replacement after some time. You cannot expect the same performance and power supply from the battery for years. iClinica has the right professionals to carry out the battery replacement task.


Why Opt For Battery Replacement?

A faulty battery can give you a lot headache while using your phone. You can consider the option of battery replacement in these conditions:

The condition of your battery is not suitable for daily use.
Battery has insufficient power storage capacity.
Battery is not original.
Improper charging done by the battery on a regular basis.
Battery does not hold charging for a longer period of time.
Battery does not provide enough power to the phone to start.
You are prompted to get your iPhone battery serviced.


Why Choose Us For Battery Replacement?

We are not ordinary service providers. We provide our clients with the original and top-quality iPhone 6s Plus battery. You no longer need to waste any further time searching for the right place for battery replacement services.


Quick Replacement

We don’t cause inconvenience to our customers when it comes to provision of services. We require not more than an hour to get your battery replaced.


Thorough Inspection

We double-check the battery after replacement. It is our policy to satisfy the customer by all means. You will be shown a properly functional battery after replacement.


6 Months Warranty

We aspire to offer our customers a good experience with our provided batteries. iClinica offers 6 months warranty to give you a peace of time.




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