iPhone 6 Plus Battery Replacement

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Every life has its end and so does iPhone 6 Plus battery. It starts charging much faster but it also lasts much shorter. If you have experienced such thing or any other from listed below it is time to put new life back into your iPhone 6 Plus.

iPhone 6 Plus Battery Replacement at iClinica is all about it:
Original parts,
Repair time even in 30 minutes,,
The longest warranty on the market – 6 months,
Device tested before and after repair,
Free diagnosis with continued repair.

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By replacing your battery you are giving new powers to your iPhone 6 Plus. All of a sudden it stops shutting down intermittently and sometimes even speeds up. No more restarts while outside in low temperatures. This is only a few reasons why you should replace your battery.

iPhone 6 Plus Battery Replacement – for whom?

First of all, for people who are struggling with any problem from the list below:

The battery is quickly discharged,
Battery does not charge,
The phone does not start,
Large number of cycles,
Poor battery condition,
Small battery capacity,
Non-original battery,
Message displayed: your iPhone battery may need to be serviced.

To keep our clients satisfied we offer 6 months warranty, professional trained team to replace the battery and repair, most of the time, in under 30 minutes. Also, if you can’t deliver your iPhone 6 Plus personally, you can order free courier. Simple as that.

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