iPhone 6 Display Replacement (display + glass)

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If damaged glass is not your only problem and for example you can see horizontal lines across your iPhone, we have a solutions for that! Replacing of entire display will be necessary. Such repair can be performed at our stores by our experienced technicians.

Replacing the iPhone 6 display at iClinica is most of all:
Original parts,
Repair time even in 30 minutes,
The longest warranty on the market – 6 months,
Device tested before and after repair,
Free diagnosis with continued repair.

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Damaged display can cause a lot of problems ranging from few lines on the screen to not displaying anything at all. It is worth to replace the display and fully enjoy your iPhone once again.

Replacing the iPhone 6 display (display + glass) – for whom?

First of all, for people who are struggling with any problem from the list below:

Split display,
The screen does not display anything,
Vertical bars on the display,
Screen blinking,
Touch problems,
Stains / discolorations on the display,
Dark screen,
White screen,
Previously replaced display.

We offer display replacement even in 30 minutes, using highest quality, fully original parts. Additionally, we offer longest warranty of all which is 7 months! This is not all, we are performing all sorts of tests after and before the repair to make sure that when iPhone is being collected, it is fully functional. You can use our services in: Warsaw, Poznan, Wroclaw, Bydgoszcz and Cracow.




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