iPhone 5 Battery Replacement services


Smartphone batteries are unpredictable and will run out of power sooner or later. Similarly, the iPhone 5 battery can have the same issue, and as the life drains out of the cell, the time it takes to charge will also reduce. Luckily, we can handle battery issues for you without any hassle and problems.

The services we provide the following iPhone 5 Battery Replacement services at iClinica:

We offer Original parts,
30 minutes of repair time,
6 months long warranty more than anyone in the market,
We test your device before and after repair,
We also provide Free diagnosis along with repair.

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Once you replace your battery, the issue of shortage of power on your beloved phone will no longer be there. Batteries usually wear out quickly due to heavy use, so if you notice your battery is draining fast and not working properly, you should think about getting a new battery for your iPhone.

Who should get our iPhone 5 Battery Replacement services?

If you are having troubles with your iPhone and facing the following problems, you should get in touch with us:

The battery discharges quickly,
The battery is not charging properly,
The phone is not powering on or not working,
Increase the number of cycles,
The bad condition of the battery,
The capacitor of the battery is small,
Non-original battery,
The battery needs to be serviced.

We have all the original products and batteries of the iPhone, and the best thing about us is that we never use cheap products and replacements. We do all the replacements by hand and under half an hour. We are only a service provider who offers a 6-month warranty. We test the device before and after repair service. We try our best to repair the mobile on the same day of delivery of the device.


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