Smartphones made by Apple are more and more popular in Poland and it is not a surprise – those are great devices with operating system. But its specificity causes that activities which at first sight seem to be very basic, require more time. That is why we have made a short tutorial, which will answer the question – How to upload music to iPhone?


How to upload music to iPhone via iTunes?

Uploading music to iPhone via iTunes is basic and – some may say – official method. Obviously, there are other ways of doing it. However, lets start with iTunes.
  • To do this by iTunes first thing we need is software, which we can download for Windows or MacOS from HERE
  • We need to add media from the disk of our computer to the iTunes library.
  • We are connecting iPhone to the computer
  • Now we can upload music onto our phone by selecting interesting material and moving it using drag and drop method to the connected iPhone. When copying is finished these will be located in our device.
  • Interesting for us songs or albums can also be moved using right mouse button, after right-clicking there should be a command „Add to device from list” and we choose our iPhone.

    If we don’t want to connect our iPhone to our computer every time we need to upload music, there is a way. In summary you need to select option „Synchronize with this iPhone over Wi-Fi”. Then we no longer need to use cable, devices will see each other as soon as they both will be connected to same Wi-Fi network. It is very convenient way of doing this activity.


How to upload music onto iPhone without help of iTunes? 

If iTunes is not created for you and using it is not very convenient – don’t worry – there are alternative ways.


Copying music using CopyTrans Manager 

One of alternative method is using program CopyTrans Manger, which you can download HERE. It is very popular solution, which with time has expanded to quite significant sizes and has become a cogent managing tool for iOS.
When we download software and install all of its components, you just need to run it and point which files or folders we are interested in and its done.
Media will be copied to our iPhone. Application also allows to manage our files (we can change tags, covers etc).


Uploading music with use of PhoneTrans software

Another and probably even easier way is using program named PhoneTrans, which you can download HERE. When we have the program, we run it, connect device and go to Music tab and there we click on plus sign located in top right corner. We choose files which we are interested in and it’s done, our favorite songs are in our iPhone library.


There are more ways…

Programs or applications which can substitute iTunes are much, much more. Some are free, like all the other above, some are paid. However, we are convinced that options selected by us are enough.
Enjoy music from your iPhones.