Professional service of Apple

iClinica is a service dealing with equipment repair since 2009 throughout Poland.

We care for smartphones, tablets, music players and computers, as a part of post-guarantee service. We specialize in Apple mobile devices, i.e. iPhone, iPad, iPod & Macbook, and provide repairs including replacement of display units, glass, microphone, case, battery, charging connector, or cleaning after liquid gets into your device.

In our offer, you can also find accessories for these products and protective glasses, both typical and 3D.

naprawa iphone poznań
serwis iphone poznań

iClinica quarantees the best quality!

Fast, professional service and original parts are a standard of our work.

We certain of our services and this is why we grant quarantee for every repair for 3 to 6 months! No need to keep the receipt – we have all information in our system.

We open five days a week in our service points and on the phone. We will answer all your questions about Apple products.

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Place order/Verify status online!

We have created a dedicated application for our Customers.

If you are unable to bring your device to our service, choose the option of free shipment and delivery. You need 3 minutes only to complete the form. You pay only for the services. No catches!

After we receive your order, our service engineers diagnose the problem at once and then repair the device. All conditions are updated in our system.

Straight from your home and without phone calls, you can follow the status of your order via our website.

serwis iPhone poznań kraków wrocław


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Wkrótce nowy iPod Touch? Apple pracuje nad nową wersją?

W Sieci pojawiła się informacja, iż Apple jest w trakcie prac nad 7. Generacją iPoda Touch. Te zaskakujące wieści pochodzą z japońskiego bloga MacOtakara, który podobno dotarł do wiarygodnych źródeł związanymi z dostawcami firmy z Cupertino. Wieści pochodzą...

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Apple Pay dostępne w ING Banku Śląskim!

Prawie siedem miesięcy po oficjalnej premierze usługi Apple Pay w Polsce kolejny bank udostępnia ją w swojej ofercie. Tym razem dotyczy to ING Banku Śląskiego, który jest już jedenastym bankiem działającym na terenie naszego kraju, którego mogą zacząć korzystanie z...

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Your phone can’t charge or breaks the process of charging?

Each user of a mobile phone perfectly knows the moment when we move the cable in order to find the best position to charge it. It is even more difficult to find the space free from the danger of falling off or slipping of the device. Despite such drastic symptoms of...

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What to do when our iPhone freezes?

In the times when the devices are almost inaccessible and we cannot turn them off by taking off the battery, what can we do when our iPhone doesn’t want to cooperate? We know few methods to deal with this situation.        „Killing” the apps...

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Broken glass in iPhone 6?

In our service you may repair your iPhone 6, the parts will be available in our service from 14 November 2014. The change of the glass in “six” costs today around 1100 zl; in case of the model 6 Plus the price is higher. By using our iPhone repair service in Poznań...

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